Final Presentations, Promos, and Films

The WeCreateNorwich Exhibition

The CreateNorwich project culminated in The WeCreateNorwich Exhibition.

Seven schools and 61 students took part in the final exhibition on the 14th & 15th July 2019 at The Forum in Norwich. We occupied the entire auditorium and some outside space. 7000 people visited over the two days.

Methods of presentation included VR, 3D models, films and intriguing objects, which worked together to produce a truly engaging and interactive event.

The project was produced on behalf of the Norwich Freemen’s Charity by Creative Nation Limited

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WeCreateNorwich Showreel

Groups Ideas and Presentations

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BBC Voices/The Social radio show

Live Illustration by @rebeccavosborne

CreateNorwich is enabling the city’s young people to surprise and delight their fellow citizens with the boldness, optimism and ingenuity of their ideas for the future of the city and for their working lives within it. Year 12 students in Norwich secondary schools are creating and exploring their visions for the city in three stages:


During the autumn term in 2018, student groups in each school began to work on their big ideas. These span many disciplines, themesand areas of civic life, including sustainable living, food, transport, fostering communities, crime, social responsibility and the built environment.


In the spring term the students began conducting programmes of research activity for which they are receiving funding. Their research includes visits to schools by experts, controversialists and commentators, field trips to institutes, centres of excellence, workshops and studios.


In the summer term, they are working with technical and creative professionals to develop a presentation of their ideas. Students will present their ideas over a 2-day public exhibition at the Forum on the 14th & 15th of July 2019.

The WeCreate Norwich Exhibition the forum, Norwich 14 – 15 July 2019 

The WeCreateNorwich Exhibition will be an interactive opportunity to explore fields as diverse as where our food will come from, through how we will travel, do our shopping and live alongside one another. Join us in the Forum to see what we have created and meet the young people behind the ideas! Students will presenting their ideas using everything from VR, to models, film and the products and services they have designed. The students invite you to explore their ideas and have your say on the future of your city. Watch this space.If you would like to attend our end of exhibition celebratory event at 5pm on the 15 July please RSVP here to help us with our preparations:

If you would like to join our mailing list to be informed of our progress, please sign up at the bottom of this page. 


The CreateNorwich project is inclusive. Our schools are from across the city, mainly state-supported and include special educational needs schools. Each school has a dedicated CreateNorwich school project manager and has formed a Project Team of approximately 6-10 students. 

CreateNorwich is enabling students to experience real world workplaces and to explore their ideas in professional, supported environments.CreateNorwich is connecting schools to local business and cross-sector organisations, developing pathways to higher or further education and future employment opportunities for their students. 

Get involved

A key component of CreateNorwich is that it connects professional people, businesses and cross-sector organisations to young people in education. We intend for these interactions to be mutually beneficial.

We are on the lookout for a range of local and national professionals, businesses and organisations to support our participants to shape, develop and present their ideas.

What’s in it for you:

    • The opportunity to engage with students as they are considering their options for the future
    • Your professional experience will benefit the students. In turn, we expect you to be inspired by the boldness and optimism of the students’ visions of the future
    • A meaningful and enjoyable CSR 9Corporate Social Responsibility) activity 
    • The opportunity to be involved with and witness the introduction of ideas that may have a transformational impact on the future of the city.

Your involvement can take whatever format suits you best. If you, your colleagues or organisation can support the students to reality check, plan, research and present their ideas let us know how you are willing to contribute. You may be able to offer your professional advice in person to the students, or offer them a tour of your facilities or access to technology and other resources. It is up to you! You may commit as little or much time and resource as you like. Schools have a budget, which they are using towards the realisation of their presentation.

Please contact us to register your interest and/or to share any ideas.

Contact Us


To express any ideas or comments, please do get in touch via secretary@norwichfreemen.org.uk


Initiated and supported by the Norwich Freemen’s Charity.